Say NO to another beverage tax in Illinois.

Illinois politicians are looking to pile on MORE taxes on beverages. Legislators in Springfield are considering yet another tax on beverages like teas, soft drinks, juice drinks, lemonade, sports drinks, energy drinks and even flavored waters!

This penny-per-ounce beverage tax will cost Illinoisans $1.44 for every twelve-pack and 68¢ for every two-liter. A price of a two-liter beverage would increase by nearly 70%!

If you live in Cook County, this will double the beverage tax that was just passed there. That means if this tax passes, people in Cook County will pay a beverage tax of $2.88 for every twelve-pack and $1.36 for every two-liter, on top of sales taxes.

To see a list of the hundreds of products that would be impacted by the tax, click here.

We can stop this enormous price hike on beverages by taking action now. Join us today.


Yes, I want to join the Illinois Coalition Against Beverage Taxes and tell Springfield to stop piling on more taxes!