Say NO to another beverage tax in Illinois.

Who We Are

Illinois Coalition Against Beverage Taxes is a group of concerned citizens, businesses and community organizations actively opposing any new taxes on everyday items like soft drinks, juice drinks, lemonade, teas, sports drinks, flavored waters and energy drinks.

Join us and say NO to more beverage taxes!


  • 7-Eleven, Inc.
  • ADM
  • Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois
  • Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
  • Cook County Farm Bureau
  • Grocery Manufacturers Association
  • Hospitality Business Association of Chicago
  • Illinois Association of Convenience Stores
  • Illinois Beverage Association
  • Illinois Chamber of Commerce
  • Illinois Chapter - National Association of Theatre Owners
  • Illinois Farm Bureau
  • Illinois Food Retailers Association
  • Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Illinois Licensed Beverage Association
  • Illinois Manufacturers’ Association
  • Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association
  • Illinois Restaurant Association
  • Illinois Retail Merchants Association
  • Juice Products Association
  • Midwest Food Processors Association
  • National Automatic Merchandising Association
  • National Federation of Independent Business Owners
  • American Beverage Association and more than 1,000 small businesses, restaurants, chambers of commerce and business organizations in Illinois.


Yes, I want to join the Illinois Coalition Against Beverage Taxes and tell Springfield to stop piling on more taxes!